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Happy 22nd Birthday, Selena Marie Gomez.

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SELENA MARIE GOMEZ; Beautiful since 92’

“She’s the perfect combination of mysterious and subtle, all while emulating an open book that waits for every page to be touched, to be turned, to be read again and again. She’s the breeze that caresses you when you walk into a cool room on a hot summer day, and the warmth of a blanket wrapped around you as you sit by the fire on a blistering cold December night. She’s that new favorite song you hear in a coffee shop that you’ll never hear again, but you’ll always replay it in your head, dying to know its name. And she gazes at me skeptically, unaware of just how much she means to me. So every single day, I’ll remind her until it is nothing short of crystal clear. Every single day, she’ll make my heart beat indefensibly fast. And every single day, I’ll love her more than I did the last. She’ll continually wonder why I have waited this long, but she’ll soon come to realize that it was only her who has occupied the vacated room in my heart. And yes, it does feel as though I’ve waited a lifetime. But if I have, I’d patiently wait another. And if you only knew her, you wouldn’t hesitate to endeavor.”

¡Happy birthday, Selena!

-SMG-News team

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